Thursday, August 22, 2013

I'Hos Cultural Tour ~ AMAZING !

Yesterday Simon and I got to go on an amazing trip to Desolation Sound with I'Hos Cultural Tours.
We had been looking forward to it and could not have wished for a more beautiful day out on the water.

 I can't remember all the places that Erik took us to but it really was an amazing afternoon.

Erik's knowledge and love of the area is obvious.

 As well as the great tour around Desolation Sound we even got to see whales off Mittlenatch.

 Pretty special.

Thank you SO much Erik and I'Hos Cultural Tours.
 Wish you every success for the future

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Tapestry Hat

I just finished weaving this tapestry hat.

It was a fun project that came from this book.

I had been intrigued by it for quite a while.
You weave it on this cardboard template that you warp up. Here is mine ready to weave.

And another couple of pics in progress. I used a mixture of hand spun and mohair yarns.

I made the little shuttle/needle tool which worked well to go under and over (many times).

You also warp and weave on the back side as well.

And ready for the big REVEAL,
(well, ripping the cardboard template into shreds anyway).

After knitting on an applied I-cord around the edge it was ready to go ! 
In the book she uses some ribbing around the edge but I made an executive decision and did the 
i-cord instead.

Can you tell I am pleased with how it turned out ?!!
I will make this project again.