Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Please Allow Me....

To officially introduce you to the new Periwinkle Angora rabbits,

A.K.A. The Buns

We finally decided on their names, this is Saffron (Bun). As you see, she is a very pretty light fawn.

And this is Sally Lunn (Bun). The photo doesn't really do it justice, but she is blue/tan/grey colouring. They were born Mid March, from different litters and are both girls.We've been pretty busy over this weekend, but we managed to get a couple of shots in the back yard. They seem very calm and quite enjoy being petted, (or am I imagining that ??? who knows. I just looked up the word for that, it's anthropomorphism, nice word !). Here is Tika, meeting them. She has just realised they are around, and I'm not sure if her intentions are good ones. We'll be keeping an eye on that.

We couldn't leave the lambs out so here is a shot of Wurly, Rolo and Curly's butt.Now I'm off to take some of our fresh ground flour into Sunshine Organics, a very cool local business, here in Powell River.

Here is more info,

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Four Words





I just love this ear shot.The sheep are acquainting themselves with the new arrivals.The Buns seem to have settled in at Periwinkle,

more to come soon .....

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Field Trip

Last week we had a nice afternoon out in the motorhome. We didn't camp overnight, (difficult at the moment with small critters at home), but we still have a great time on our day trips.

This week we went to Gibsons Beach, just north of Powell River.
Here's a glimpse into the forest trail.

Here are the picnickers, as you can see, it's pretty relaxing.

I wandered around and found lots of wild flowers and plants. Here are some of the ones I photograhed. Here is a colourful salmonberry bush.These are some sweet little bluebells.These are the flowers of Miner's Lettuce.(Claytonia perfoliata). Pretty, and the leaves are edible. This one is Red Elderberry (Sambucus racemosa ssp. pubens) The flowers of elderberry can be used to make elderfower cordial, champagne or wine.I know what the last two plants are, thanks to my knowledgeable friend and plant lover, Rod Innes. He takes amazing photographs of plants, some of which can be seen here. Thanks Rod and Deb !

I even found a sleepy snake who slithered off into the creek. I just caught this shot of him.

And here are some wild spindles.... oh no, they would be mine !
I also managed to squeeze in some spinning. Black llama and angora on the top spindle, angora on the bottom.
What a great day !

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wurly's Big Adventure

Here she is, looking like butter wouldn't melt....

But this morning she escaped,

under the fence,

into the horses' field next door.

I had to go and rescue her when I heard panicking lamb noises.

I have to say horses make me a little nervous, specially large ones, and as she charged up and down the field Beau started to chase her and I had horrible visions of her getting kicked by him, (or me being kicked as I tried, unsuccessfully to calm him down).

Anyway, eventually I managed to grab her and get her back over the fence. Dandelion was not at all bothered by the whole affair and barely greeted her daughter when she came home, panting and rather freaked out, but none the worse for wear.

Good job she's cute !