Sunday, February 27, 2011

Name That Lamb

This post is for you, April.
We decided this year, to name the lambs after jazz singers and musicians. The jazz afficionados in both our families would approve.
So without further ado.....
Here they are.
First up, Humbug's ewe lamb, Ella (Fitzgerald).

Here are Cashew's twins. They are Babydoll Romney crosses.
The little ewe lamb is Billie (Holiday).

Her brother is Louis (Armstrong).

Then we have Marmites twin ewes. This is Cleo (Laine). She is fuzzier than her sister.
And Bea (Wain), OK that one is a little obscure but she was a 1930's big band vocalist.

Last but not least, the Fab Four. Dandelion's family.

This is the little ewe, Peggy (Lee).

The other three are all boys. This is Django (Reinhardt).

This is Dizzy (Gillespie).

And the last little guy is Bix (Beiderbecke), again obscure but one of my Dad's favourites !

OK so did you get all them all ? there'll be a quiz later !

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feeding Frenzy

That's what it is around here at the moment....

We're giving Dandelion a bit of help with her family.

She feeds all of them as well so no one is starving !

We look at this view 3 times a day.

Monday, February 7, 2011

And The BIG News is....

Our sweet Dandelion had FOUR lambs on Tuesday evening. I was out at the Fine Arts Club when Simon phoned me to tell me that she had triplets. By the time I got home there were these four.
Do you think she looks rather surprised ?
We certainly were. Here is another picture of the fab four.

The good news is that she is being a great Mum and is feeding them all. We supplement with lamb formula but no-one has been rejected like last year, (remember lovely Pearl our bottle baby).
She is a busy Mum.

Here are two of them, (not quite sure who as I haven't quite got them all sorted out) having a rest outside on their first day out on Friday. The little one to the top of the screen has a cute little white spot on his head, he's the only one we can tell apart at the moment.

And here is Dandelion with the other two little cuties.
There are 3 boys and a girl.
Well done Dandelion !!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More Lambs Arriving

It's been very exciting around here !
After it all kicked off on Thursday we've increased the flock to a soccer team, (with a substitute) !

On Monday our Babyrom Cashew had these two little ones, a boy and a girl.
I'll get some better pics soon but just this one for now.

On Tuesday we spent the day anxiously looking at big-as-a-house Dandelion. I went down to check on her but was surprised instead by Marmite.
She had disappeared behind the barn with this result !
Two gorgeous little ewe lambs. In this picture they are just minutes old and still steaming. She is a great Mum and  is cleaning and licking them. Within a couple of minutes they are up and raring to go.

Every year I am truly amazed.