Sunday, July 3, 2016

An EVenture

On Saturday Holly (the Leaf) and I headed to the Lower Mainland on a jaunt to Ikea to pickup the items we needed for a bathroom reno we are going to start soon.
I was a bit worried how the day would pan out with the 2 ferries and charging as well. 
As it turned out, it went flawlessly.
Here we are charging at the level 3 quick charger in Sechelt.

It is very conveniently located and I used the Greenlots fob to start the charger. It only took about 30 minutes, time for a coffee at the mall, and off we went to the next ferry.

We had plenty of range to get to Ikea in Coquitlam where they have complementary charging.
Here we are, a pair of black Leafs charging up. 
Thanks Ikea !

I got all the stuff we needed, topped up and back to Horseshoe Bay for the return trip. I stopped again in Sechelt to make sure I had plenty of juice for the rest of the journey. Only 20 minutes this time and still made it in time for the 7.40 ferry. 

The journey up and down the coast was really fun in the car. It handles so well and you can really use the regenerative braking to its full advantage on that twisty up-and-down road. Air conditioning on and the Bluetooth tunes blasting, I had a great trip. 283 kilometres altogether. The fast charging capability is a real game changer for electric cars travelling on the coast and contending with the ferries. Good to know you can do the lower mainland trip in a day with ease. I will be a lot more confident next time.

One last shot of Holly the delivery truck. As always, totally up for the task. 
Nissan Leaf for the win :)