Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's That Time Of Year

When we start to say goodbye to this year's lambs.
It's bitter sweet as we hate to see them go but we're  happy when they go to new homes where they will be loved by their new families.

Here are Indigo and Ochre,
 ready for the trip to meet Kevin and Kelsey and the long drive to Northern Alberta.
As you can see Indigo is saying "Good bye".

Here's a picture of Indigo and Violet a couple of days ago.

And one of Ochre that same day.
 The lambs are getting almost as big as their Mums these days !

In other news, it's always nice when this......
(which is Womble by the way)

turns into this......

and one last close up of nice clean Womble fleece.
There's still bits of the field in there but it will come out as I card it.