Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy First Of Fall

Yes, today is the first day of Fall.
Just so you know it's official, a little patch of Fall Crocuses in the garden came to announce it.

We've still got lots of colour in the garden with these rowan trees.

The birds just love these berries.

We just got back yesterday from Coombsfest 2008, (a.k.a. Nancy and Dany's wedding celebration).

They live here, so you can imagine it was a great spot for the party.

We made up the Powell River Contingent, so here we are enjoying the day.

The Buns got to run around on the table that the model boat people use. (ssssh, don't tell them !)

Tika is relaxing, as she does most of the time.And Saffy is sitting by the lake that Dany built.

It was a great party and nice to see friends, old and new. We all enjoyed it thoroughly.

Thanks Nancy and Dany !

Now we're back, and as always, "It's nice to be home".

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Day At Home

FINALLY, I got to spend a day at home, ALL day, without having to go anywhere.

So this is what I did.

Not in any particular order.
I dyed some Romney locks, some greens and some brown and blues.

I plyed up this skein.

And carded these batts.

I was on a roll, but had to stop to become a baker and get ready for the Open Air Market tomorrow. !

I like the title for this post. It sounds like it should be a chapter from Louisa May Alcott's Little Women. A favourite book of mine, (well, one of many anyway !)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Witchhazel Goes Camping

Before we see what Witchhazel is up to,
this is one of the things that we accomplished this week.

When I say we, actually what I mean is Simon, lifted out and moved the hydro pole with the help of the forklift. I was absoloutely no help, running around worrying about it hitting the house !!

Anyway it didn't and the guy we sold it to has it at his place and we are glad to see it go from in front of the window.

Yeh, no more hydro pole !

We had another camping trip to Dinner Rock. Here is another sunset shot.

Good job beauty is never boring, as we have lots of shots of this scene !

And here is the lovely Witchhazel. Although she always comes with us, usually she is stuck in the motorhome, bringing us good luck and that sort of thing.
I thought it was high time she came out, so here she is, magically flying around Dinner Rock on her broomstick.

She was made for me by my friend Mave. She is very sweet and not a bad witch at all.

Here are a couple of shots of the camping Buns.

And last of all, this building that we pass on the way to and from Lund. I finally got a couple of pictures of it.So that's it for now.