Sunday, April 27, 2008

Market Day

This weekend is the opening of our local farmers market, officially known as the Open Air Market.
Here is our wagon that we use to bring our mill to the market where we mill organic grains into flour and sell our bread.

On the left side is the outdoor community oven built by Simon, Randy and John in 2005.

If you want to find out more about the market you can check it out here,

Here are a couple of pictures of lambs eating !
As you can see they finally have figured out they like the creep feed we give them.

I know it's really difficult to see but I was wondering if anybody knew what these birds are that have been in the garden the last couple of days ?The male is blue/black in colour, the female a pretty brown. They have a very nice song. I looked through my bird book and couldn't find them. Hmmmm.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Springtime and Finished Objects

Although it's hard to tell with the cool wind blowing, I think Spring is finally here.

We've seen several flocks/gaggles (I like that word !) of geese flying over.

Here is one of them on their way north.

And today I saw a swallow, so that's very encouraging.

So much so that I actually planted stuff ! Not out, of course, but I started some tomatoes, lettuce, kidney beans, peppers and some flowers. I used recycled cake packages that come with the black base and clear dome like top. I thought they would make good little greenhouses.

As I said in the title, I have actually FINISHED some stuff.

First of all.... (drum roll please), my first weaving project, a scarf. I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

And here is a close up just so I could show you the lovely colours.

And look at this, I finished these clog/slippers for Simon. They have taken an embarassingly long time to get done. Good old Fibertrends pattern. They always turn out well.

Here are a couple of skeins I spun up from the dyed roving I did last week with food colouring.
I plyed the greens and the pink/purples together for the top skein. I had some of the pink left so I just Navajo plyed it for the small skein.

Here are some sheep and lambs today. As you can see the lambs are growing !

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Week That Was

It was a fairly usual week,
with work, bread baking, , shepherding featuring in it.
This weekend we went to help with the clean up for the Open Air Market which opens April 26th. It was nice to be outside on a fairly warm day, (for a change).
Just to illustrate that it has warmed up we had quite a flock of hummingbirds on the feeder.
This cute little red guy, (a Roufus maybe ?)
Here are two sharing !
And this little green one. I just love watching them.

Anyway I thought I'd share some pictures of some stuff being made this week.

Here are some yarns I've been working on. Some black llama/angora on the drop spindle, some beige llama/angora on the top bobbin and a mix of romney/llama and babydoll on the spinning wheel bobbin.

And here are some rovings I dyed today, just with food colouring but I wanted to experiment with dyeing the rovings I made from a drum carded batt, thanks to Rexanne's UTube vid.

She has some fantastic videos. I learned all kinds of things.

And here are the rovings, which stayed remarkably intact, drying in the sun. I will be able to spin them as soon as they are dry.For the OLP's today we have black sheep. Here are Pompom and Smartie.

And here is Rolo. He is a little lighter colour than Smartie but still a black sheep.
And in case you were wondering where I got this post title from, you can read about it here.