Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Of This Place

After an embarrassingly long absence, I'm baaaack !
I've been wanting to write a post about my entry into the 2016 eCouture Wearable Art Fashion Show since April, so here goes, better late than never.

This was the hat that I made, based on a beautiful design from one of the First Nations baskets that I love at the Powell River Historical Museum.  I wanted to pay tribute to and honour the long tradition of making the baskets, as well as the women whose hands skilfully wove them.The original basket was woven by Mary Peters, a renowned cedar weaver from Tla'amin.

I have explained more about the process here, (and here is a link)

Continuing here, (and here is a link to the second page)

And last page here, 

What I didn't explain here was that two days before the event I didn't have a model for the hat and wrap. It was getting a little desperate I must say, but, sometimes, things just happen as though they were meant to be. My friend Brandon contacted me, who is the original weaver's grandson. He said that his niece Mala would model Of This Place at the show for me. I can't tell you how special this was and how grateful and  honoured I am to Mala and the Peters Family for making this happen. When she bravely stepped out onto the catwalk I had a few tears, I must confess.

And this is how beautiful she looked.

We only got these few pictures of her, for which I will forever be sad, but it was a fabulous event which will remain with me as a very special memory.  Thank you Mala !