Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Very Berry

 Did I tell you I live in a sea of berries ? SOOOO lucky

  There are berries in the garden. - Raspberries..

 We've had a bumper crop of raspberries this year, here are a few of them resting comfortably in  a beautiful cedar bailer made by our friend Ivan, a super talented traditional wood carver and weaver.

 And then there are the blueberries, just a few and just about ready to pick. 
We put these bushes in 2 years ago.

When we go for our walks in the forest I must admit I pass on the salmonberries....
 taste is kinda so so.

And the huckleberries ? too much trouble to pick.

BUT.... these are the prize, Rubus Ursinus, a small early variety of blackberry. 
They are the most flavourful of the local berries I think, 
and the smell ? 
one dimension the internet lacks, but take my word for it, their aroma is amazing 
and conjures up summer for me.

I've been thinking about berries so much lately so I got this book from our local library.

 It was very useful in identifying some of the local berries and I learned that there are many different berries that grow here. Once again, SO LUCKY !