Monday, September 12, 2011

Weaving Away

Despite my shameful non-appearance in blogland I have been doing stuff !
Really I have .
I just finished weaving a couple of rag rugs.
Here they are in progress, at this point I had finished the blue rag rug and just started the orange bath mat.

I made the bath mat from recycled towels, donated to me by my friend Danielle, (Thanks Danielle !!).
I dyed them using some RIT dye from the thrift store and they came out this orangey colour that reminds me of summer and beaches. I also used an old, worn turquoise towel I had.
When I cut the fabric up for the blue rug I cut it into strips and glued them, which left hard chunky bits where the glue was so for the bath mat I found another technique here. Basically I cut the edges off the towels, sewed them into a tube and cut up, but not all the way through.
Then I cut diagonally from the bottom right of one strip to the right side of the next strip and ..
ta da
a continuous strip.
I know that didn't make much sense but if you look at the link I posted, Sarah explains it a lot better than me.

The Big Reveal,
 my favourite part,
 cutting and removing the rugs from the loom.

Here is the bath mat finished.
 I wove a narrow header and hemmed each end by hand.

And the blue rug, with knotted fringes at each end.

Of course none of this could be achieved without the help of my trusty assistant, Scout, A.K.A. The Bugger.