Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pink Latte Anyone ?

This yummy fibre is made from milk, pretty incredible really.
It's called Latte.
(More about it if you are interested, here)

It's in the dypeot with some silk. This was an afterbath of some bright pink yarn I dyed.

And here it is naked, as it were.

When I was a kid at primary school in the UK we had a free milk programme, as per the 1946 School Milk Act and were FORCED to drink 1/3 of a pint each day. I hated it and have never liked to drink milk  since.
This is a much better format !

Here's my little dye station set up outside.

And here are the results.

Friday, January 1, 2010

First Post of 2010

Let's hope I keep it up !

Anyway, hope your New Year/New Decade will be everything you want it to be !

For the first day of the new decade we went out to Saltery Bay.

It's so pretty.

It was breezy and warm today.

Not quite a polar bear swim but Tika got her feet wet.

We went on  a small detour and drove down to the powerhouse at Stillwater. It's a pretty art deco building, built in 1930.  Could do with a coat of paint but quite charming just the same.

I was out looking for lichens today to do some dyeing. I found some but I'll post pictures another time once I figure out what I picked up and whether they are good varieties to dye with.

So that's it for now.