Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Things I didn't do today

I was all set, a nice, quiet day to myself at home, when all of a sudden we get the call....

The electrical inspector is on his way to go over the wiring in our basement reno!

As it turned out it was not as nerve wracking as we expected and all is well.

That means we can get the insulation in and that should make life a little warmer.
Yay !

But it meant I didn't dye this lovely mixed batch of angora.

or finish these, (which have been in the construction stage for a VERY long time).

These are Mowat Mukluks from Interweave Knits Winter 2005, (that is embarassingly long ago) They should look something like this when they are finished and felted.

So enough of what I didn't do, here's some stuff that happened over the last few days instead.

I have been experimenting with core spinning,

And turned these 2 bobbins into this skein.

And here is some more of the buffalo yarn that I dyed.

And this is the cactus you can't kill that I made for Fern.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Home To Roost

Although technically speaking sheep are not likely to perch, but you know what I mean ! This weekend we got our little flock home from their sojourn at our neighbours' pasture.
We want to keep a closer eye on them as lambing approaches.
Simon and I lifted them all up into the truck and here they are, all squished in the back, Dandelion is peeking out.

And here's a close up of Humbug.

It was a lot easier coming out than it was going in. They all sprang out like jack in the boxes,

And settled down immediately, like they'd never been away !

All that white wool.......

... from my last post, turned into this on Wednesday.

My friend Amber came over and we had a little dyeing session.

This is a close up of the bright pink/orange unspun wool, (A.K.A. buffalo yarn), that I wanted to try. I was pleased with how it turned out.

The week before, Amber and I got together to spin and we spun up some white Corriedale. We both dyed our skeins and this is how mine looked.
These are the two little Wensleydale skeins. I will ply them together.

We still hadn't had quite enough so threw these locks into the electric frypan, (one of my favourite kitchen appliances to dye with !). We are going to spin these up one of these days.and that was all we had time for...

but stay tuned, on the hoof woolly stuff coming up !

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Signs Of Spring ?

Simon always calls me the weather optimist because I'm always the first to say, "it's going to cheer up". I think I must be a season optimist too as I got quite excited to see the honeysuckle with new growth the other day.
The same day I spotted a little flock of robins in the meadow.......
...... a sure sign of Spring !
We just got back yesterday from a trip to Vancouver Island. We did the rounds of the thrift stores and found this little desk. It needs some handles and a bit of repair but it's definitely worth rejuvinating. What a great find.

And here is a picture of some white wool which will be dyed this afternoon. I spun up some Wensleydale into the two small skeins. It has a beautiful lustre to it and a really long staple.