Monday, June 27, 2011

Red fruit

... from the garden today.

Some beautiful redcurrants.
I've been picking them off the last few days and freezing them to make a big enough batch to do something with.
I'm thinking redcurrant jelly and if there's enough, redcurrant and raspberry cordial. I haven't tried it but sounds yummy.

And the rhubarb, what can I say, it just keeps giving and giving.
I picked this lot today and there is still some to pick, amazing !! I think the variety we have is known as strawberry rhubarb which is why it is so pink and looks like a strawberry at the cut end.
Here is some more info about strawberry rhubarb.

We're onto making our second batch of rhubarb champagne.
Simon got the idea from here, thanks to Nellymary. We really enjoyed the first batch.
 Super easy to make, very tasty and VERY fizzy !

and look how pretty it is.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011