Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Boat Trip To Haywire Bay, Remembrance Day

It was such a beautiful afternoon we made the most of it and took the boat up to Powell Lake.

We launched it at Mowatt Bay and didn't go too far, just over to Haywire Bay.

We stopped at this beach and went for a little hike. I even found some Cortinarius mushrooms, good for colour so YAY !

I think even Fleur had a good time although I have to admit it was a ewe bit chilly !! 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Weaving .... With Rags, Sticks and Cedar Strips

I recently finished some weaving.

I made a couple of placemats with the turquoise rags, then decided to use some sticks to make a couple of mats.

Here they are, off the loom.

I must say this is my favourite. I used some beautiful cedar, given to me by my friend Ivan, (to test for colour with mushroom dyes, but I couldn't resist !)

And last pic. The obligitary-cat-sitting-on-finished-weaving-shot !

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Food Preserving Factory

That's how it's been around here lately.
This was the last couple of days results !

At the top is the beautiful apple sauce I made using our amazing Kitchenaid attachment. These apples came from our friends, Chuck and Valerie's orchard. In the middle on the right, it's in the jars. With the leftover skins, cores etc I made a big jar of pectin to use in jam making. That's the bottom right picture. I had to try the pectin out so I made a couple of jars of blackberry jelly with left over blackberries from the Christmas Blackberry Brandy we made this week. 
(A Periwinkle tradition !) and the jelly set up great so I'd definitely be calling that a success. Also in that pic is some yummy fruit leather with MORE of the berry juice and the awesome apple sauce.

Lastly are the hop yeast cakes. These still need a bit of work I must admit ! I first found some recipes for hop yeasts in an old book at the museum. I think it must have been this one https://archive.org/details/younghousekeeper00corn
It's still in the experimental stage. These cakes are made with the hop yeast and cornmeal. They are dried, ( I dried them in my dehydrator, which is not really how it happened in 1859, but still), and then can be stored in an airtight jar.I
 also watched a youtube vid from a prepper lady, 
She also makes the cakes to keep in the larder.
Feeling very productive !

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wash Day

After all the rain we have had the last couple of days I thought our well would be somewhat replenished so .....
Time to wash up some fleece,

This is just half of the lovely Romney fleece I got earlier in the year from our friends, Austen and Lisa.

And the other half soaking in the wash tub. It is a big fleece !

And one last shot of some of the little appliqué patches I've been making lately, just because I thought they looked cute !

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Canada Day Cruise

We went for a lovely trip out today in the boat. Saltery Bay round to Scotch Fir Point.
Visited a little island along the way.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A photo Collage For The Day

Lambs, basil, the garden and homemade raspberry ice cream !