Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Double DOUBLE Trouble !

So when I left to help out at Seedy Saturday we had one lamb, Sienna.
When I came back, Cashew had given birth to twins. They were very small and weak. She was on her own as Simon was away in the afternoon too. Our power was out so I ran down the road to our neighbours to use her phone to call him home. We got them eating, a boy and a girl, but we were quite concerned about them. The girl was particularly TINY and the boy had something up with his leg, (we think Cashew may have stood on him by mistake).

But all is well so far, (day 3). Here is the little ram. His name is Ochre. His leg is fine now and he runs around no problem.
Here is the little ewe, her name is China. She's a little fighter and has been gaining weight since Saturday.
Aren't they sweet ?
Later that evening we were out with Cashew and the twins. We had put Marmite in the camera barn so we could keep an eye on her when all of a sudden I heard a new born lamb crying. Marmite had given birth to black twins. They were very lively and she licked them off and they were up and eating within minutes. A very different scenario to Cashew's twins.

Here they are on day 3 out and about in the orchard.

And a photo op with the shepherd.

Marmite is keeping a close eye on them !

And one last one of the littlest members of the flock.

I just love the kneepads


WeaveThings said...

Fran, this is so exciting! I love the 2 sets of twins. Ochre and China are amazing little ones. I'm glad to hear they are okay and gaining weight!

Fran said...

Hi Donald, everyone is doing fine today. We still have Dandelion and Pompom to lamb so we're waiting (im)patiently for them.
It is very exciting.

Anonymous said...

They are beyond cute!!!

I would violate our HOA and get babydolls just for the cute factor if they tolerated our heat better.

Guess I just have to go hug my friend's Cotswold lambs instead :)


vanessa said...

those babies are too sweet!

Infinitespirals said...

The darker color from the knees down just slays me! So cute.