Saturday, June 29, 2013

I ♥upcycling

FINALLY I found a use for coffee cans.
If only they were still real coffee cans they would be a lot more useful but these days they are not metal anymore but cardboard disguised as metal.
Anyhow here's what I came up with !

A storage unit.

Instructions as follows.
1. Drink lots and lots of coffee until you have enough cans for your storage unit.
2. Find a suitable "frame", in this case I found a recycled wooden box that grapes had come in.
3. Remove the outside covers of the coffee cans to give them the high tech, space age, silvery look.
4. Arrange in chosen frame.
5. Fill with your own bits and pieces.

Well that was easy wasn't it ?

You could spruce up the outside too.........but I'm lazy and didn't.

Here it is installed in my weaving room.

Notice the flock of killer sheep guarding the bits and pieces !!

1 comment:

Phyllis said...

Fran, What a neat idea...looks great too. Love the little guard sheep.