Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Another in the That, ..... to This series ... Experimenting with Red Perilla

Before and after,
 the plant, Red Perilla that I grew from seed this year. I had no idea if it would give colour but the name intrigued me so I thought I would try it.

I grow it in my "purple bed" which looks like this. 
Also have Purple Basil and Burgundy Amaranth in there.


I wasn't very scientific I'm afraid. I cut a generous portion of the Perilla tops and heated them in a pan with some rainwater. I was trying for some pigment to paint with and got a good purple stock. 

I took some and boiled it down to get a more intense colour. That didn't work very well as I think too much heat changed the colour. This was what it looked like. (The large patch in the middle).

I put some alum mordanted wool into the remainder and got this blueish, purples colour. That was a bit of a surprise ! Not sure yet how lightfast or colourfast it is but it was fun to try it out !

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