Monday, March 17, 2008

Lamb Central

It's been pretty crazy around here, with lambs appearing at all hours !

The last one was born in the early hours of today, March 17th so we're officially done.
Here are Dandelion's twins, Curly and Wurly, boy and girl.

Here is Marmite, with Rolo, her little ram. He got stuck with his legs back and Simon had to be the Midwife and sort him out. He's great now though !And this is Opal, Cashew's lamb. She is a pretty grey colour. She was very new here.And this is what our kitchen looked like at one point in the proceedings !Lamb paraphenalia everywhere. The brandy is an old shepherd's trick for weak lambs, although we could have done with a tot ourselves !


kevinw1 said...

Awwww. So cute! I was puzzled by the kitchen pic, though, it looked normal since I didn't recognise the stuff as being lamb paraphenalia, so it's a good thing you said so!


Fran said...

I was trying to pretend that our kitchen was tidy normally. Now you've blown my cover !

Anonymous said...

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