Monday, March 31, 2008

Weaving Women

I am really happy to get my first project on the loom at the Fine Arts Club. I picked a loom (there are several choices), which is the same as mine at home so I would get the experience using the same loom. Makes sense huh !

Here is the loom I'm using. It's a 4 harness Leclerc.
And here is a close up of my very simple first project, guess what..... it's a scarf !!

I'm using some wool I dyed for the warp and the weft is a nice purple mohair with pink shiny slubs in it.

And here is Val winding her bobbin for her first project. Guess what, it's a scarf too !

And now for today's OLP, (that's Obligitary Lamb Pic in case you didn't know).

Here is Cashew and Opal, who sits on her Mum's back A LOT.

And in the front, our sweet, smiling Wurly, (Curly's twin). What a lovely girl she is.

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