Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bunch Of Baldies

There's been lots going on around here lately, but for today I'm just going to mention that last Wednesday was shearing day. Always one of the highlights of my year.

Here is Tom this year making short work of Cashew.
For some reason I only took one picture of the process, and I see that last year I also posted a pic of Tom and Cashew here, http://lifeatperiwinkle.blogspot.com/2007/05/shearing-day.html,

Here are the fleeces after the flock, (unwillingly in some cases) gave them up.

I have since skirted them and packed them away until I can wash them. There will be posts in the future about fleece, LOTS of it..... but I digress,

back to the baldies.

Here they are looking like wee goats. Tom is Scots and calls them "the wriggley little buggers".

They were quite crabby with one another after shearing, so there was lots of head butting and posturing, and that's just the girls with the lambs, who were completely flummoxed by the change in their Mums.

Marmite was consoled by a tasty morsel of Hazelnut leaves while the rabbits look on, concerned, "Are we next ?", but no, I have hopes of plucking them rather than shaving them for their contribution to the Periwinkle fibre fund.

Everyone got used to each other pretty quickly and peace once again reigned in the meadow.

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msmoon said...

They look adorable with our without their coats. You must be chuffed with your booty! I guess this means you are going to be busy for some time to come with all that wool on your hands. Are you profishant and slippers? We need some! Heeehee.