Monday, June 2, 2008

Odds and Sods

A fairly "normal" week this week.

You know...

work at the museum, baking, open air market vending, animal ministering, gardening, that kind of thing.

Here are a couple of things we did.

Saturday we went to get another load of firewood up by Lois Lake. It was a hot day so we stopped at the lake after we were done. Tika had a nice swim-with-her-feet-on-the-bottom.

Here they are having a bit of a rest.

Also this week, after a rocky start I got my latest warp on the loom at the Fine Arts. I am making place mats. This picture is the horrible mess I had made of it. Threads crossing over each other are not good to have. That's what happens when you try to do things alone, that require supervision from more experienced weavers.

And this is what it looked like after expert help and Marty taking the SCISSORS to it. Which is much more what it should look like !

Here is Val's lovely warp with the cotton that was recycled and dyed.

The Buns seem to be settling in very well. Here they are having a bit of an outing in the orchard. Once the sheep/lambs/dog are safely out of the way we let them loose, (although they are wearing harnesses with leashes, just to give us the edge when it comes to catching them !!) They are very fast and can get through quite small holes in the fence, so you have to be on guard at all times but they quite enjoy hopping around and kick up their little bunny feet as they run.Today was a bit of a grey,rainy inside day so I made marmalade with some organic oranges, lemons and grapefruit we got in our Sunshine Organics bin a couple of weeks ago. They needed using up so I tried a recipe from the Bernadin book. It was very easy, as you put the fruit through a food processor, (I used the blender, not quite so good probably, but satisfactory) before boiling with the sugar so there was no prolonged cooking. It set up very well.So that's it !

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