Saturday, August 9, 2008

Camping at Dinner Rock

We managed to squeeze in an overnight camping trip last night. We wanted to go to Dinner Rock, but were a bit worried it would be full at this time of year. However when we got there we were pleasantly suprised to get the PRIME SPOT !
We have a great fondness for Dinner Rock as we were camping there when we decided to move to Powell River. Of course it is also famous for the tragic wreck of the Gulf Stream, which you can read about here,
We all had a very relaxing time. Here is Tika, waiting for someone to light the camp fire.

And of course, we couldn't go camping without the Buns.

They quite enjoy running around "free" on the picnic table. In actual fact they are both wearing harnesses and dog leashes just in case they make a mad break for freedom by leaping off the table.

I got a chance to practise with the new camera. As you can see I figured out how to do black and white. This is the same shot of Dinner Rock as the top one, but in black and white instead.

Very atmospheric !

We came home this morning after a very nice trip.


westviewhomeandyard said...

That is a beautiful spot. We love camping there, too. It's our favourite spot around here.

When we first moved up here 10 years ago that is the first place we camped. Can't get enough of it.

We've been there a few times and had the whole campgrounds to ourselves and no one around for miles.

What a score to get the primo spot. When we get that spot the thing I like to do is sit out on the rocks and read a book for hours.

Any cruise ships go by when you were there?

Have a good weekend.


Fran said...

Thanks for leaving the comment, westviewhomeandyard. It's always exciting to find someone actually reads my blog !
We did see a largish ship go by Friday night but I think Saturday is the time that they leave mostly isn't it ?
Maybe we'll see you out at Dinner Rock sometime. At least you'll know it's us by all the encumberances !!
.... Although Sally and Saffy would be most upset to be referred to in that manner, so shh don't tell them I said that.

kareyknits said...

Hi, I am from Ravelry - kareyknits
My sister in law Pam Huber pointed me in your direction. I sure enjoy your blogs. You are one really interesting lady!! I really like how you share what you are up to and post pic's of the beautiful things you see. The lambs are so very cute! The buns are wonderful. Tiki looks such a lovely companion. What an interesting lovely life you must have - even if it means late nights & no sleep at lambing time!
I am in Cloverdale, which is rapidly becoming a city not the lovely bucolic little berg it was when we moved here. Thanks for sharing your interesting things on this blog! Feel free to write, but I know you are a busy lady! I will definitely keep in touch with your wonderful blog! I put you in my friends in Ravelry, hope thats okay!

Fran said...

Thanks kareyknits ! Glad you were able to leave the comment. Your kind words are much appreciated !
We've only been up here 3 years and came from the hubub of New Westminster,so I know how rapidly things change in the Lower Mainland.
I'll keep in touch !

Camping said...

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MC said...


I was researching Sunshine Coast camping and I would love to visit Dinner Rock;however, I can't find alot of information about Dinner Rock. Did you make reservations when you went? If so, where can I make reservations? If you have any other Sunshine coast camping suggests, I would love to hear them! Preferably private, less populated campgrounds. Thank you!