Saturday, October 3, 2009

All The Fun Of The Fair

....Yes, it's been embarassingly silent on the blog front lately, but I'm still here, just been busy (and quiet) I suppose.
Last weekend was our community's Fall Fair. Always a great event.
Here is our Granary set up with fresh baked bread and ready to mill organic grains into flour.
Here is a very shady shot of my friend Helene at our fibre booth. All kinds of lovely woven items and fibrey goodness for sale!Here is a shot of our fine arts group who participated in a sheep to shawl demonstration.BUT, the highlight of the Fair for me was Saffy winning a first place ribbon in the rabbit competition. There were mostly meat rabbits so the organizers created a special "Wool Doe" category for her. She's in a class of her own that one !!
So without further ado..... (imaginary drum roll)......
Let me introduce you to Saffy, the prize winning bun.

She's very proud of herself. As you can see if you squint hard enough I printed up a little "Bio" for her and a sample of spun yarn and a mini knitted sweater to show people she's a fibre grower.

Anyway enough for now as Blogger is being particularly badly behaved today in the formatting department

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