Sunday, September 12, 2010

Urban Logging

Usually we go gathering our firewood with a permit up in the bush but this week we were lucky enough to get offered a tree that had just been taken down in Wildwood, (Thanks George !). We just had to go and collect those 10 foot lengths.

We were able to borrow a truck with a Hiab, (Thanks Jack !) and so were able to load all the lengths onto the truck without too much trouble and provide the neighbours on Seton Avenue with their Saturday morning entertainment.

Here we are, back at home, and Simon is just getting the chain around the last log off the truck.

Generally I did the choking part, but as I also double as the official photographer, Simon had to do it.

I'm not sure what we would have done without the equipment we borrowed !

The last log almost onto the pile. This wood will be good for next year once it seasons. A pretty good haul I would say.

And for the cat people out there, here is a gratuitous shot of Jem and Scout.

They almost look like pals don't they !

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Marlene said...

Can almost smell that fresh cut wood. My father was a logger and then logging contractor for most of his working life. My little brother and I spent some happy days picnicing out of the way at "landings" while logging trucks were being loaded. The smell of fresh cut logs still takes me back down memory lane.