Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mushroom Foraging

Although I'm fairly new to this, we've been out a couple of times and found some interesting fungi.
Here is a picture of what I've been collecting.

And here are some lobster mushrooms, (at least I think they are) that I found at a very secret place today.

Here's a clue though, it looked like this !

 And it had some lovely big old trees like this.

As well as the I-think-they're-lobsters, there was this handsome specimen.

 This is the lucsious colour I got from some Cortinarius that I tested by throwing one in a small amount of water in the old microwave oven I use for dyeing.
All very exciting, can't wait to experiment some more and go foraging again.

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Shroomworks said...

Hi Fran - After I replied to your comment on my blog, I realized I was replying to you! Those are definitely lobsters you have in the picture, the one with the pile of mushrooms, but the one further down with the white spots definitely isn't - you have an Amanita muscaria there, which you don't want to play with. I'm not going to be able to make it up your way to hunt for dye mushrooms this year, sadly enough - just too much going on with SHROOM and such. But you're on the right track with your Cortinarius and lobsters - let's see what we can do for next year. Hope to see you at another spin-in soon.