Monday, February 7, 2011

And The BIG News is....

Our sweet Dandelion had FOUR lambs on Tuesday evening. I was out at the Fine Arts Club when Simon phoned me to tell me that she had triplets. By the time I got home there were these four.
Do you think she looks rather surprised ?
We certainly were. Here is another picture of the fab four.

The good news is that she is being a great Mum and is feeding them all. We supplement with lamb formula but no-one has been rejected like last year, (remember lovely Pearl our bottle baby).
She is a busy Mum.

Here are two of them, (not quite sure who as I haven't quite got them all sorted out) having a rest outside on their first day out on Friday. The little one to the top of the screen has a cute little white spot on his head, he's the only one we can tell apart at the moment.

And here is Dandelion with the other two little cuties.
There are 3 boys and a girl.
Well done Dandelion !!!

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nellymary said...

wow, what an achievement for miss Dandelion....does she have a reputation for having multiple births?