Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More Lambs Arriving

It's been very exciting around here !
After it all kicked off on Thursday we've increased the flock to a soccer team, (with a substitute) !

On Monday our Babyrom Cashew had these two little ones, a boy and a girl.
I'll get some better pics soon but just this one for now.

On Tuesday we spent the day anxiously looking at big-as-a-house Dandelion. I went down to check on her but was surprised instead by Marmite.
She had disappeared behind the barn with this result !
Two gorgeous little ewe lambs. In this picture they are just minutes old and still steaming. She is a great Mum and  is cleaning and licking them. Within a couple of minutes they are up and raring to go.

Every year I am truly amazed.

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