Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mmmmm.... Rhubarb

 We have some lovely rhubarb in the garden at the moment,

Red and ripe
And ready for harvesting.

So this is what I made with it today.

Victorian Barbece Sauce from the Bernadin Complete Book of Home Preserving.
I've made it before and it's very good brushed on meat for the barbecue or just served as a chutney.

I had so much of it I made this great big jars of rhubarb and sweet cicely cordial,
 recipe from here,
 adapted by me to add the sweet cicely,
(we have a forest of sweet cicely so I'm always glad to use some of it up).

Isn't it a gorgeous colour ! I'm about to try it with some club soda and ice cubes.



Phyllis said...

Fran, Isn't that rhubarb the most fantastic!! I remember the good old days on Periwinkle Farm....sold rhubarb roots at the Garden Club Sale and have given away numerous others. Nothing like it down here...without the wonderful manures provided by the sheep and chickens. Beautiful jams and preserves. I'll get that picture up very soon...have been under the weather but better now. Cheers, Phyllis

nellymary said...

Hi Fran, lovely to meet you, have enjoyed looking around your blog too....I like your rhubarb, I have a recipe for Rhubarb Champagne on my blog which can be a sweet or dry wine....also alcoholic or non's lovely...

Love your blog!

nellymary said...

oh I also forgot to ask you about the sweet cicely....what is it?

Fran said...

Hi Phyllis, Yes it is lovely. We have made some great stuff with it. It's such a beautiful colour.

Hi Nellymary, glad you like the blog. We just made your rhubarb champagne recipe last night so I'll let you know how it goes. Sweet Cicely is a herb that grows in great abundance in our garden. It has a sweet anise taste. You can use the flowers, leaves and seeds. I think it pairs particularly well with rhubarb.