Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Hey I'm a blogger

Well, this is my first blog post. I was inspired to do this by my friend Katrina, over at She writes a very interesting blog and has a pretty turn of phrase, (as well as lots of colourful fibre shots). I don't pretend that life at Periwinkle is always exciting but hopefully I can post some pictures and write some snippets that someone on the planet might find remotely entertaining.
So here's a lamb pic for today. This is Cicely.As you can see life at Periwinkle is pretty relaxing.

1 comment:

Katrina said...

Hey Farn! :-) Welcome to blogland! I look forward to hereing about life at Periwinkle! The lamb is to cute. As if it would choose to lie there of all places! Talk to you soon.