Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Batty about batts

I've been a bad blogger lately, despite the fact there's lots going on I could blog about...... but then I guess that's why ! I've been too busy to blog.

Here are some batts that I carded recently. Simon brought the drum carder into the living room so now I have the full complement of fibre machines cluttering up the place. It does make it more likely that I use it though, so this is the result.

The violet batts are some dark and white romney fleece that I threw in a violet dyepot as locks. The dark jewel toned one is also some romney fleece that I dyed with dark colours (for a change, I have to force myself once in a while !) I do like it though, and I'm looking forward to spinning it up. The two pink ones are Babydoll fleece in my more usual colours. I blended some dark brown Babydoll with the pinks on some of it.

This is another of the pink batts that I spun up. Although the spinning is not the best in evenness etc I do like the look of it.

And here it is, plyed with some mohairy stuff that has a slight shimmer to it. I'm still working on improving the plying but now I think I'm doing better as I have a new "Lazy Fran" than Simon and I made. It works great ! I'll post a picture of it another time.

I'm planning on making some short gauntlet type gloves with it. Katrina has pictures of hers, here.. http://spinningout-katrina.blogspot.com/ She also made a pair for Julie, our Open Air Market Co-Ordinator with some more of her handpun yarn. They look really nice too and are warm and practical at the chilly Exhibition Park grounds where the market is held, so Julie will get lots of use from them !

Anyway that's about it for now. I should go and plant the peppers that I got at the Market on Sunday.


Katrina said...

Wow I just love those batts Fran! I just dyed up some Romney locks from one of those fleeces I got from Judi. I did some grey and some white with purple acid dye rather than the cake dyes I usually use. The color is just gorgeous. Really deep jewel tones. I can't wait to see your lazy fran. Maybe I should pop by for tea one day? What do you think?

Fran said...

Hi Katrina,
thanks for the comment ! Tea would be great. We'll chat about it on Saturday. Are you spinning the dyed Romney for the weekend ? I bet it's lovely. See you on Saturday.