Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lovely day in the neighbourhood

It started out a bit cloudy and cool but the sun came out and it really is nice out. Here's one of the visitors we had at Periwinkle today.

It's a Western Tiger Swallowtail. If you want to know more about it, this site describes it well.


He, or she maybe (?) carefully circumnavigated the red hot pokers while I took a few pictures.

Another visitor today was Katrina with some of her Romney fleeces. This is what happened to some of it when it came out of the dyepot.

Sorry about the rather distracting yellow dairyland box in the top right corner, (if you didn't notice it before you will now !!). I thought about doing something creative in Photoshop with it but as you can see, the thought didn't last long.

Anyway, here is the lovely coloured fleece we ended up with today. In the middle, at the top is Katrina's gorgeous silver grey fleece that is now this fabulous blue. In the same pot we put in some white fleece. In the other pot we threw in some other Romney fleece that is now various shades of red.

Lots of fun ! Too bad you couldn't make it Fern, but I can see lots more fibre colouring in the future for us !

Better go, Tika is on her way back from the vet, (not on her own of course, Simon has driven her in the van, and Tia went along for the ride to support her sister), so I should go and see how that visit went.

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