Friday, June 22, 2007

Summer Solstice

I always feel Summer Solstice should not pass without acknowledgement of some sort. When I was younger (quite a bit younger, actually !), I went to the Stonehenge festival a few times. An eye opening experience, I must say. Whilst the anarchical aspect of the festival was slightly scary, the highlight for me was the sun rising over Stonehenge on Soltstice morning and Druids would come from all over the UK to mark the occasion. It was always so interesting to see them dressed in Druid garb, (long white robes etc), piling off the numerous motor coaches that brought them to the site.... of course that was in the days that you could actually go into the monument and even TOUCH the stones. Not anymore I fear.

Anyway to mark Summer Solstice here at Periwinkle, Simon and I had an impromptu "campfire" in the backyard and roasted weiners !! Very fun and luckily we were partyed out by the time it started to pour with rain.

But then we saw this......

A Double Solstice Rainbow. How special is that ?

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