Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It was a year ago today....

...that I went into the barn to let the sheep out and give them their brekky and found this.

Our lovely Anise, just new born. We were all taken a bit by surprise. The ewes all came charging out of the barn and she was left on her own. It took a little investigation to find that Marmite was her Mum and had just forgotten her momentarily.

Here she is again, sporting her rainjacket which she wore when the weather was inclement.

Here is the proud Mum Marmite as she showed Anise off to the rest of the flock. They were all quite impressed I think. This was a cold day so she was wearing her woolly jacket.

So Happy Birthday Anise from us all.

Anise has gone to live with April and David, along with Tansy. You can see more of their adventures on April's flickr, which is here

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